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next_gen_ldws's Journal

Harry Potter Next Generation LDWS
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Hi there, and welcome to next_gen_ldws! This is a Last Drabble Writer Standing Community for the Next Generation characters in the Harry Potter Verse.

Each round will have sixteen players. Each contestant will submit one drabble a week, and each week the readers will vote for their favourite drabble. For the first six weeks, the two authors who receive the least votes will leave the round. Once we're down to four participants, it'll drop down to the one author with the least votes, until we have our winner.

So, a few rules…

1) Each round will run for roughly 10 weeks – please don't sign-up if you know you won't be able to commit to a drabble a week for as long as you are in the round.
2) There are no passes – as long as you're in the round, you must submit a drabble each week. You can, of course, choose to withdraw at any time.
3) For the purposes of this community, a drabble is classified as no more than 250 words.
4) All drabbles will be due on Wednesday by 11:59 GMT. They will then be posted by the Mod, anonymously, on Thursday. Voting will close on Saturday at 11:59 GMT. The results, and the next challenge, will be posted on Sunday.
5) All submissions must be emailed to softlysweetly@hotmail.co.uk, and must include all appropriate HTML.
6) No wank. Anyone caught wanking will be banned from the comm, no warning, no second chances. Unless, of course, it’s the good type of wanking ;)

Any questions, ask away!

~Sweets ♥